Bill talking about football.

posted 2 weeks ago on Jul 14

"the wait is almost over"

posted 2 weeks ago on Jul 13

Beliebers and Directionners are on Twitter like :



And you… you try to being calm because :




posted 3 weeks ago on Jul 03
Aliens reactions about Bill’s new tattoo

The angry fan : She always desagreed Bill’s tattoo and said stupids things like “AGAIN ?!” “WHAT ?!” or “What an ugly tattoo, Bill… you really disappoint me…”

The drama fan aka “the drama queen”. The only thing she’s able to do is crying and asking Bill “WHY ?! YOUR SO BIOUTIFUL ! WHAT’S HAPPENED IN YOUR HEAD MY BABY ?! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU ?! YOU WERE SOOO BIOTIFUL !!!”

The agressiv fan : She prefers insult Bill and can make some kung fu movements if she meets Bill.

con = dumb, stupid, asshole (choose your fav’)

The lol fan :

The i-do-not-give-a-fuck-fan aka (in French) “Je m’en bats les couilles”

J’m’en bats les couilles = I don’t give a fuck

And finally, the perfect Bill’s girl : She find Bill always beautiful with all his tattoos and piercings, she will find him gorgeous even if he lose an eye and three arms and four legs, even if he’ll become green or purple. Bill is perfect -and if you don’t understand you’re only a bitch or you’re not a Tokio Hotel fan)

posted 3 weeks ago on Jul 03

Reading some comments of Bill’s girls on Bill’s Instagram.

posted 4 weeks ago on Jun 29

Meanwhile in Tom’s beard…

posted 1 month ago on Jun 26

Seeing Tom’s beard growing up everyday… 

posted 2 months ago on May 23

Once again haters are hating about Ria…

posted 2 months ago on May 23

When you realise that Conchita Wurst looks like the daughter of Bill and Kim Kardashian.

posted 2 months ago on May 23

Georg, fucking,Listing.

posted 3 months ago on Apr 19