Ici vous trouverez, dans un anglais approximatif, ma vie d'Alien au travers de gifs mettant en scène diverses situations.

Please ! Tokio Hotel is back  !

Dramas everywhere beause there will be girls on the “Love who loves you back” video… What’s this fandom ?

Something I’ve just read about “run, run, run”  : “La voix de Bill est dégueulasse”/”Bill’s voice is shitty”

Because there is already Aliens complaining about the “Run run run” video.

Can you wait tomorrow or it’s too difficult ?

Reading something like this

"I don’t like run run run. I don’t recognize Bill’s voice. The worst song ever. I won’t buy the album, bye."

Listening to “Run, run, run”, crying and fangirling hard.

Me today

"Kings of suburbia"

"Third of October"


Bill and Tom turn to 25 tomorrow, and Gustav turn to 26 next week.

I really love Bill but his eyebrows… it’s not possible. He has to epilate them.

Comme dirait Cristina “On va s’occouper dé ton sourçaïl !”

Me as Tom’s girl and Georg’s girl after seeing the new Tokio Hotel TV episodes .__________.

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